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All OFWs must submit the required documents to avail the tax exemption. You can book up to nine passengers per booking, including adults, Overseas Filippino Workers OFWs , teenagers, children and infants. Show more Show less. Melbourne is home to a bustling street art scene, a vibrant community of filmmakers and film lovers , plus a strong economy that keeps the money flowing and the restaurants and nightlife venues full of happy patrons.

Dining in Melbourne can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be, and that's all part of the fun. In the afternoon, head for the coast; Melbourne has some brilliant beaches, from rugged Bushrangers Bay to family-friendly Mothers Beach. The hotel options in Melbourne are as endless as the views in the Aussie outback.

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The inner city has recently experienced a revitalisation as hotels invade the central business district that's also experiencing a population boom. If you're after something completely different, check out Neds Gully Campground for a true Outback experience. All things considered, the city has enough luxury hotels, exciting attractions and hidden gems to keep the most enthusiastic visitors entertained. It routinely ranks among the most liveable cities in the world; no wonder over four million people currently call it home. What to do in Melbourne. Diamonds are so last century. Opals are the new hot gem, and Lightning Ridge has a wealth of them in store at all times.

They come from nearby mines, meaning you're supporting the local economy while getting your loved one or yourself an excellent gift. It's a gorgeous km drive south, passing through some of Australia's wonderful natural terrain.

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Try to time your arrival for either dawn or dusk. See the views from the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel. Take the minute enclosed ride on the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel for the best perspective of the city, and with up to 20 of your closest friends. All you have to do is stand still and keep your eyes open. This is fine dining Cantonese cuisine in the heart of Melbourne. Flower Drum is a fixture in the city's Chinatown, originally serving as an outpost that drew people to the under-used area but which now operates as a focal point in the busy environment.

Chef Shannon Bennett's brilliant establishment isn't just one of the best restaurants in the city, it's one of the best in the world. It's the view that adds to the wow factor — you'll be tucking into your dinner from 55 storeys above Melbourne, looking down at the city below. You're just steps from the University of Melbourne campus here, which is part of what gives The Town Mouse its laid-back vibe. You'll mingle with students celebrating the end of the semester, young professionals out for a night, and foodies vying for the impeccably cooked cuisine. Timeless elegance with panoramic city views and five stars to boot?

Located on the Yarra River and near the Royal Botanic Gardens, the Langham is ideal when only maximum comfort will do. Bold travellers looking for a change of pace should skip the hotels and camp in Cathedral Range State Park instead, which is just a minute drive east of Melbourne. The dense bush makes you feel completely secluded, while a river and trails like the Wells Cave Track offer excitement for all.

Inspired by artist Adam Cullen, you can't walk far in this boutique hotel without stumbling upon a piece of his art. It's located in the hip Prahran neighbourhood, just a few blocks from a wide selection of lounges, restaurants, and shops. Don't miss the dumplings downstairs at Hutong. Plan your trip Complete your travel arrangements on emirates. Car rental Hotels Tours and activities. Add car hire to an existing flight by visiting Manage your booking, or even book a hire car without booking a flight at all. Currently our destinations can only be searched in English. Please enter the first three letters of the destination to begin your search.

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Start typing to see the airport list. Check rates Opens in a new window. I wanted more opportunity but as a young man I was mainly in it for the chance to do something different with my life. Being young, I settled in very easily. I was too busy looking into the future to dwell too much on what I had left behind.

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I guess having my wife, Maria, a girl I knew from back home and who I married a year after I arrived, made it easier for me. I moved to Melbourne to be with her two months after I arrived but my first year in Australia was tough. Like everybody who's left their country, I missed my parents, my brothers and sisters.

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I got my first job in a carpet factory in Melbourne a few weeks after I arrived. I only lasted 12 months - I was ambitious and I wanted more from life. A few people from the Croatian community were working in the building industry and I thought I could do the same. Building was in my blood - I came from a family of builders - and I already had a knowledge base. But there was a lot I didn't know and had to learn along the way. Yes, it was a challenge but if you're going to achieve anything in life you have to be prepared to give things a go.

In I started my own company, Bilic Homes. I still enjoy running it because it's a job that helps people to realise their dreams. The first house I built was in Mornington, a pretty southern bayside area in Melbourne. I am still proud of that place - but then I'm proud of all my homes.

Since then we've built hundreds of residences all around Melbourne - luxury homes, townhouses, units. Sometimes I build homes for up to a dozen people from the same family.

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I run the business with my son, and also my daughter [was involved] until she moved to Germany five years ago. I work up to 18 hours a day, seven days a week -mainly because I'm passionate about what I do and I like to keep busy. If we wanted to, we could grow the business more but I don't want to be too greedy. Money won't make you rich inside. Of course, there's no denying it will make you smile more. I spend some of this time running my football team - as well as my company. My family, of course, is very important to me. Football is my passion. I got involved with the Melbourne Knights in and four years ago I was elected president of the club.

That was a great feeling. I was really happy and so honoured that people believed in me. Heading the Knights is a big responsibility so, no matter how busy I get at work, I need to be there most days. It's a bit of a drive to get from the southern suburbs, where I'm based, to the club rooms, which are in the western part of Melbourne. Sometimes it can take up to two hours.

But I do it willingly - it's a love. You know how it is. I'm so proud of the Knights. We have produced some really great players who went on to have significant European careers. For the past 12 to 15 years I've worked very, very hard to bring quality to the football field.

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Australians are only now starting to understand what quality is - and that goes for the building industry too. I think that Australian football is on the up. It has finally come of age. The Knights started off as a Croatian club and, yes, we continue to have a lot of support from the Croatian community. But these days other nationalities are involved with us too.

Back in the time from the s to the s, when we were new to this country, football was a way to keep in touch with each other and our heritage and support each other too. I can't say if I would've done better or worse with my life had I stayed in Croatia. I would have been successful wherever I ended up.